Friday, February 11, 2011

No room at the inn!

I usually have pretty lousy luck with Hotels. For instance as much as I loved my trip to China, We did make a few foolish mistakes when traveling.... Who would of thought a foreigner ought to bring her passport with her when she is traveling around China? I suppose most foreigners who are not traveling around with their local Chinese boyfriend or girlfriend, Anyway I remember my ex boyfriend's family telling my ex boyfriend, don't let her bring her passport with her as it might get stolen... So I duly left it behind and off we went on our travels. No sooner had we got off the train in Shanghai did we realize Oops! We went into the first hotel and they said "sorry we don't accept foreigners" end of story..

Suddenly we thought hmmm this could be tricky... We got in a taxi and he drove us too our next Hotel, By the way we didn't try to get a room in any 5 or even 4 star hotels. In fact I don't even know if the ones we tried had any rating at all. We were on a low cost budget so the Ritz Carlton was out completely.

The second hotel we tried, we had a bit more luck, My boyfriend at the time started filling out the paperwork while I just stood there mute. Then they were just about to give us our room key, when they asked for my passport =.=;;;;; "Sorry we can't accept any foreigners without a passport"

We had a repeat situation at the third hotel. However by the fourth hotel we were both losing patience. So we tried a new tactic my boyfriend went into the hotel and filled out the forms while I waited outside then once he had filled them out and I saw he was on the way up to see the room... I came in and attempted to go up... and be a separate costumer... Total Fail!! We were basically forced to leave. At this stage my then boyfriend was furious! He even called the police!  We were convinced we were going to spend our first night in Shanghai on the streets lol.

The police did absolutely nothing. Then my then boyfriend called his dad, who luckily knew a guy in Shanghai who hopefully would be able to help us. But we had to sit tight and wait. We couldn't enjoy or relax all day because we had to heave around our heavy luggage bag all day until 11 at night. Also we had the stress of worrying about whether or not we were going to be able to get a hotel room. In the end his dad's friend saved the day! Hallelujah!

Anyway since then I haven't had many mishaps with hotels other than perhaps missing the included Breakfast. or Eating what we thought was the included Breakfast which actually turned out not to be included and we had to pay 17 euro for!

Anyway this week I experienced an all new mishap. The question is "How do you tell your boyfriend you may have to share a room with a male classmate at the college ball?" Obviously you don't. My college has it's annual Ball on the 3rd of March. It's supposed to be the highlight of the academic year.. and you only study in UCD Michael Smurfit Graduate Business School:for one year so you must grab this chance when you get it..

Last week the annual Smurfit Ball was the talk of the college. Who's going? How much for a ticket? Who wants to book a hotel room? Naturally going to a College ball requires booking a hotel room because the Ball ends late and there's no way of getting home. I asked my friend Nancy whether she wants to share a room and she was all for it... Then on Monday I contacted the class rep who was organizing the discounted student rooms (60 euro) and she told me all rooms had been fully booked however Jia Qi doesn't have anyone to share with..... My boyfriend saw the message and was like "NO WAY!! are you sharing a hotel room with another guy!! Why can't I go??"

Then I went to college and thought about it... Why can't he go? then I decided of course he should go. I rang him and told him he should go. I felt really happy because me and him have never done anything all dressed up and in suits and fancy dresses. I haven t done anything like that since my (Debs) Debutant Ball at the end of secondary school.  This time it would be special and with a boyfriend.....My Debs was with some random friend I barely knew...
 Me and Daragh (2007) Debutant ball 1
Me and Daragh (2007) Debutant ball 2
But that dream came crashing down.... because of you guessed it.... Money..
Ball tickets : 70 euro per person = 140 euro
Hotel room : 89 euro
Hire a suit: possibly 100 euro
Drinks : 50 euro

As you can see it would cost a hell of a lot for both of us to go. :( I guess sometimes Cinderella can't go to the Ball....

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