Monday, July 25, 2011

I can't sleeo

This is the story of my life these days, me and my boyfriend have been driven demented this week. Every night my boyfriend has a new excuse about why he can't go to sleep at a reasonable time like a normal person.

I just finished work, I need some time to relax before I go to bed.

I just ate a snack, I can't possibly go to sleep on an full stomach.

I am not tired yet

The trains are too noisy

Our neighbors are too noisy.

I have heard these excuses a dozen times and most of the time I just ignore them or accept them and go to sleep before him. I am quite a light sleeper, I like the room to be totally silent before I can go to sleep, I can't stand

Taps dripping

Radiators dripping


tv shining on me,

someone typing

rustling papers

shining lights.

Considering we live in a studio apartment there's not much places for my boyfriend to go. So usually if he can't sleep my boyfriend watches a movie with his earphones in and doesn't bother me at all.

However since Wednesday our internet has been cut off. so no movies so the only alternative he has is to play games on his computer which requires a lot of clicking and banging on the keyboard. Which
completely stops me from sleeping and drives me mad.

So since Wednesday my boyfriend has had no alternative but to move into the bathroom to play his video games. Its a very funny sight indeed.
My boyfriend would love this bathroom lol

But yesterday, I had fallen asleap and he was still up and felt hungry and didn't want to start making loads a noise so he went out to try and buy some this was at 2am and surprise surprise everywhere was closed so he headed to his friends house and ate noodles there and drank some beer.

Then he came back to our appartment at god knows what time. It looked bright outside and gave the door a huge bang and woke me up. Then after awhile he got into bed and started trying to go to sleep.

We turned this direction tossed that direction and my god looked at the clock 6.30 we couldn't fall asleap. he got up and started to play his game again while I decided to change my sleeping direction and moved my pillow to the top of the bed and tried one more time to fall asleap and thank god I did

I woke up at 10.30 with a gigantic headache and decided to head back to my house. Then my dad dropped me to my uncles house to mind students. so although I really want to take a nap right now I can't I am waiting for them to come home at 11 and then im going to go to bed and fingers crossed have a peaceful night sleep lol  


  1. It's time you start to put sleeping pills in his glass! =]

  2. hahaha yep!!! i think we both need them this place is starting to get noisier and noisier everyday lol! we will be moving in no time!