Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Foody issues

Previously I wrote a huge long list of all the different food that I don't like, don't worry I am not going to mention them all again if your really interested you can click here, but if there is one thing regarding food that I don't like, its people telling me what I should or shouldn't like. That really pisses me off! and I really like to beat those people.

When I was with my ex boyfriend, he used to go to a Chinese Breakfast buffet with his friends and he always used to talk about how much he liked it. Then one time I asked him can I go with you guys? and he said "No this is only for Chinese people, I have never seen any foreigners eating it. you definitely wouldn't like it.

This made me more and more curious to try it, so almost straight away after we broke up, I invited another Chinese friend to go, and surprise, surprise I liked it.

Another time I was with my boyfriend, we went to a restaurant and my boyfriend was ordering in Chinese. One of the things he tried to order was pork and seafood soup. Then the waitress stopped him and said "Foreigners don't like this soup maybe you should pick something else" then my boyfriend explained what she had said and I being stubborn said no lets just order the soup. I refused to be defeated.

As I mentioned me and Nancy got off to a rocky start on Friday, and it continued to get even more rocky when lunch time came around. We decided to go to Super Mac's (Ireland's answer to KFC) we wanted chicken, but when we got there, we realized all the meals were ridiculously overpriced. 7.50 for a snack box with 2 pieces of Chicken, chips and a regular coke. 8.00 for a lunch box meals with 3 pieces of chicken chips, coke.

So we decided to share a lunch box and get an extra coke and paid 5 euro each, not bad eh, it came with 2 chicken breasts and a chicken drumstick. straight away Nancy went for a chicken breast and I decided to take the chicken drumstick... then she said "oh no you should have the chicken breast, Foreigners don't like chicken on the bone. Oh do they not?

So I reluctantly went for the chicken breast. in fact I don't like Chicken breast's, my moms been cooking that for me all my life, and I always think its the most plainest bland, boring meat. Whenever me and my boyfriend go to KFC we always say we don't want any chicken breasts,  I guess I am a weird "Foreigner"

I finished my chicken breast first and then Nancy said well you can take the chicken drumstick if you want cause your finished first, she had only eaten half of her chicken breast, Then she said or maybe you could have the rest of my chicken breast and I will have the drumstick.. I don't really like Chicken breast because it tastes a bit boring, I accepted,

According to my boyfriend I am weak. I just think I am amicable.

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