Thursday, July 28, 2011

wahoo I got my malaysian gifts

The morning after the babysitting, me, the French student and the Spannish student, had the most horrible lunch imaginable lol. Well I didn't, they did, First off there was no bread left, so I couldn't make sandwiches as planned..

Then the boys suggested I could make some fried eggs, I mean how hard could that be? the gas wouldn't turn on properly, and I couldn't find any oil...

Then I got the gas going and tried substituting cooking oil with olive oil. Oh dear god all the eggs stuck to pan. The eggs looked so unappetizing I just wanted to die. But the two boys ate them, How? I have no clue. After they finished I rushed to try and wash the pan before my uncle came home. I hadn't even finished boiling the kettle and in he came. Kill me now! Kill me now!

He didn't react badly, however it turned out that there was actually frozen bread in the freezer... oops, could of saved myself a lot of embarrassment, Anyway then my Uncle drove me to the train station. The Air festival was on in my town that day, The radio said that there was an 80,000 people crowd expected and to expect huge traffic jams getting into the town, so I thought the train would be the best option.

The train arrived on to the platform absolutely jam packed with people, I opened the door to the first carriage no room, second carriage no room, and so on so eventually I just had to push my way in with my rucksack on my back. I swear it was busier than any train or bus or subway I went on in China.

Anyway I texted my friend Danny when i got on the train, he was also traveling to my town today to see me and the air festival, I don't think I could of picked a worse day for him to come lol. He had to get a bus and then a train to see me.

Luckily we both made it without suffocating, and we headed to the beach and watched the air festival, then headed to Mcdonalds, where he presented me with my gifts,

A pink leather purse

Postcards of Kuala Lumpur

Doraemon comics

Then after we went back down to the seafront luckily a lot of the crowds had started to head home and then we went to the carnival and went on a load of different rides.

This was great for me because I had been trying to persuade my boyfriend to go on some of the rides all week, the most I could get him to go on was the Ferris wheel.

But anyway It was a great day :) and its decided a trip to Malaysia is definitely on the cards :)

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