Sunday, July 3, 2011

Neighbourhood watch

Everyone who reads this by now knows that I have a huge fondness for cats, Definitely a crazy cat lady in the making. LOL but really I do love cats, When I came back from holiday in Italy alone, the first person to greet me was not my boyfriend, my friends, my grandparents, relatives, but my darling cat Angel~~

Unfortunately she has never been able to take a holiday, apart from her first stint in a cattery when she was a kitten. When we go on holidays, it means she has to move out and live out in the real world and more or less fend for herself. Well shes not totally alone my neighbour comes to feed her at least once a day. but she doesn't get much attention.

So I guess it must be quite lonely :( but anyway when i came home i was greeted by meow, meow, meow, meow, thrust me the meowing lasted for a couple of hours and She followed me from room to room, I went upstairs, she went upstairs, I went to the kitchen, she went to the kitchen you get the kitchen.

So people say dogs are the most loyal animals I beg to differ. A dog may be a mans best friend. But cats are most definitely a womans best friend. Anyone who wants to dispute this can bite me! RAWR!

Anyway today here i was in the appartment minding my own business, it was a pretty boring day frankly, I just did the shopping bought Chinese leaf hahah! and milk.

Then went to the library and borrowed another Haruki Murakami book. Seriously love this author at the moment. I even watched Norwegan wood today, which is based on one of his books. Although I have to say the book was much better.

Then I got hungry and got a KFC take away, would you believe KFC ran out of chicken I had to wait 20 minutes for my order !!! crazy. Then i went back to listening to music and relaxing...

Then suddenly a head literally popped through our front window! (We live on the ground floor) "Hello, Hello, is anyone in there???" I was thinking Who the hell is this???? then he explained frantically that his cat is stuck behind the appartment building. I have never actually been to the back of our building... why would i ever need to. we live right beside the main door.

Apparently there is a narrow gap between the building and a wall. and the guy lives on the top floor and he had gone out and left the window open and his cat thought it would be a good idea to jump down there and explore..  and couldn't get back up and was now meowing her head off.

so I let him in and he banged on our nearest nieghbours door who lives near the back of the apartment building. they weren't home... then he came into our apartment and asked did we have anything long to pull the cat up, because she has a collar. The only thing we had was an umbrella, which is too short.

Then I said I would go up to his apartment and see so we went up tried using other long pointy things that were all too short... then he said, I will have to call the fire brigade. But he didn't have credit... so I had to bring him back down to our apartment to get my phone.

The embarrassment our apartment was quite messy. but i had no choice. so we rang and they put us in touch with the ISPCA, and they didn't pick up so we left my number and i said i would go up to him if they called back... so then I went back to playing with my laptop...

Then half an hour later, knock knock on the window... i went out and saw he had the cat! apparently he found a door to get into the back of the apartment building and saved the cat!

So I'm glad to report the cat is alive and well!!

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