Thursday, July 14, 2011

The Waterford trip - Fail lol

On Sunday my boyfriend came home from work late, things are starting to get crazy at his work again. @.@ anyway as soon as he came in he said quick get dressed up, Ping and his new girlfriend Cherry are staying in a hotel in Bray

Heres a picture of Ping and Cherry

So we rushed out the door, literally and met them in the Martello in Bray and chatted for awhile and decided to make plans for the next day. Ping was thinking of going to Wicklow. But to be honest I didn't think there would be enough stuff to do there. So in the end we decided we would go to Waterford and stay in a hotel down there. So we all agreed to meet at 10'oc on Monday morning and get KFC for breakfast and hit the road.

It all sounded so great, then when we were walking back to our apartment, my boyfriend got hungry and we decided to get fish and chips. Then a series of unfortunate events followed. We got shortchanged by 10 euro. so I had to go back and complain, then we went back to the apartment and my boyfriend said I didn't bring my key did you? no...

Our Landlord owns a pub about 5 minutes away so we walked there and explained to one of the bar men that we had forgotten our key and then he said the boss is away in Spain and all the keys are kept locked in his office, but his wife will be here tomorrow so she will be able to help you. OH SHIT

Then we thought maybe we would try sleep in my boyfriends friends house. but i was wearing contact lenses and had no cleaning solution or anything with me. Also it was 2am so we decided our only option was to walk to my house. So we walked up and crept into the house and my boyfriend had to sleep in the spare room and i slept in my room.

I couldn't sleep a wink because i had been drinking and he couldn't sleep because he felt like a criminal. He left my house at 6am before my family woke up and walked around the seafront until the bosses wife gave him the key.


Then I packed my stuff to go to Waterford and then my boyfriend said I don't want to go wahahaha i'm too tired. But in the end we got in Pings car and set off. First stop Tesco, where we bought wayyyyy too many snacks! Chicken drumsticks ribs, chicken nuggets, sweets, red bull, coke, fruit, nuts you name it,

Then we drove aimlessly for about 2 hours and ended up in Wexford??? We missed the Waterford turn. so we had to turn around and head back. then we got to Waterford and spent an hour trying to find a non fee paying carparking space mission impossible.

Then we went shopping in the small shopping centres, then the next mission find a hotel, that we can afford....  we walked up and down and around and could barely find any. then we went to the tourist office and they gave us a map and showed us where the hotels were.

Ping and his girlfriend went searching while me and michael ate our ice cream merrily :) then they found possibly the most expensive hotel in Waterford, with a swimming pool spa, free parking and so on.

I can't swim, Ping can't swim and Ping's girlfriend Cherry can't swim. so I thought it seemed like a waster of money but dispite my efforts to persuade them to go to the one down the road, for 60 euro. it had to be this hotel.

Then we got the car brought it to the car parking space. bought new swimming togs. Ms. Cherry was extremely choosey lol I want padding I want such and such colour blahblah. then we went for dinner.

It was a restaurant right beside the hotel. Ping looked at the price and said yup lets go here. Not even checking what was on the menu. Surprise, surprise it was Indian and guess what they all hate Indian food. lol

Then we went back to the hotel to relax and then we went swimming!!!! I have to say dispite my lack of enthousiam about the swimming pool it actually turned out to be the highlight of the trip!

The best part was they had lots of equipment for people who couldn't swim like floats and so on. So once I used them I was flying along :) and they also had a hot tub. which was a first for me!

Then we went back to the room. relaxed. couldn't sleep, tossed and turned all night and then woke in time for the breakfast buffet. Then we drove back to Dublin and went to the cinema to see Bad teacher. It was a nice ending to the trip.

But the moral of the story is don't go on a trip unless you have a plan, you know where you are going to stay, where your going to eat, and most importantly what your going to do. Thrust me it would of saved a hell of a lot of arguments.

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