Sunday, July 10, 2011

Its a mans world

Normally my posts are absolutely PG and that's the way I like it, but today I am sorry anyone younger should probably skip over this post, I am sorry but i think this is going to be a real big rant,

Its the 21st Century, Women should be able to do anything men can do, right? If women want to cut there hair short, wear boys clothes it shouldn't matter to anyone, right? If someone wants to be gay or a lesbian or Bisexual or a drag queen, it shouldn't be a big taboo.

The other day my boyfriend was going to the supermarket and asked did we need anything else? I said tampons, then my boyfriend said oh my god no I can't buy them everyone will stare at me and think i am a weirdo. No they won't or they shouldn't, they will probably assume you are buying them for your girlfriend and everyone will just continue on with their shopping.  In the end i just let it go and said never mind I'll get them myself.

A few days our condoms ran out, and I know everyone will say its the mans job to deal with this task, but hey lets face it, its not the man who needs protection from these things so I really think women have to protect themselves, either through going on the birth control pill or making sure her boyfriend uses condoms.

I don't want to go on the pill because I don't like the idea of taking pills everyday. what if something weird happens? what if i forget, so anyway I dropped a few hints to my boyfriend that maybe he should get some when hes out, then he started saying its so embarrassing everyone's going to think i am so dirty or something, I was convinced nobody would stare or laugh, i thought it was a pretty normal thing to do.

Anyway of course he continued to "forget". so I decided to take matters into my own hand and go to tesco and buy them myself how bad could it be? oh god it was absolutely awful,

First I got to the aisle where they were on. right beside the baby food. @.@ so lots of mothers were walking past there. and there were so many different types but the catch was they were all in security boxes?? that strikes me as odd... why do they need to be in security boxes, that only people at the checkout can unlock.

which meant that it was virtually impossible for me to buy them discreetly. if i went to the self service scanning i would have to call over a member of staff to open it or if i queued at the checkout the guys at the checkout would probably think weirdly of me. so I thought the self service scan system would be best since all the people working on the tills were men...

Bad choice, I had to wait absolutely ages for the polish older lady to come over and open the security tag, and everyone walking past me stared at me wondering why i was waiting there. I never felt so dirty and disgusting in my whole life. Surely sex is normal in the 21st century.

I wish someone could explain to me why buying condoms is such an embarrassing uncomfortable ordeal?


  1. If anyone was staring at you in the store, I'm sure they were only jealous ;) I got my boyfriend to buy me tampons only once and that was the time when I was in the hospital and couldn't walk!

  2. worse case scenario: you were a high class prostitute buying for your OWN protection.

  3. i have this theory
    that she thought people who buy condoms would be older looking married catholics...*nudge*