Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Wait for it

The only thing I seem to be doing is waiting, waiting for everything, waiting for our solicitor to get back to us about our application its been like at least 2 months since we heard anything. I keep joking hes sitting in his office getting fat. Then my boyfriend goes mad, saying i am making it worse, we should never of hired the solicitor in the first place that's just my opinion.

Another thing i am waiting for, well not really waiting for a such but I know its going to happen and it definitely will. I am going to finish college at the end of August and go out into the big bad world and hopefully find a job. I wish i could stay in college for another while... I'm only 22...
Although as of last night the job front has slightly improved, I saw a staff wanted sign in a Casina which is about 5 minutes away from our apartment, so i just dropped in my CV this morning so now I am sitting beside the phone waiting for word...

Another thing that I am not particularly waiting for, but i know its going to happen is some of my Chinese friends moving back to China, its inevitable.

The next thing i am waiting for is something i am actually waiting for and looking forward to. My friend came back from China about two weeks ago and told me they bought some gifts for me :) and I met them last week and when i arrived in the city centre they said Damn I forgot to bring your gift.... So I am still waiting to receive my gift lol.

Actually that's not the only gift I am waiting for, another friend from Malaysia came back to Ireland a couple of months ago and we met up and he was really excited to see me and lost my gift... then he told me he has other gifts at his house for me and he will give them to me next time... but the next time just hasn't come round yet..

My boyfriend bought me a new (well new to me) IMAC wow very very fancy! but i still haven't been able to use it to like access the internet yet because it needs some system repairs. Hes been saying hes going to fix it ever since he bought it... hopefully it will be worth the wait.

I am sure there's loads more things I am waiting for... but these are the ones that have come to mind now.

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  1. I am sorry college is about to end for you. But perhaps the world outside of college will not always be gray. As much as I love having loads of free time back in college, I don't think I would trade my financial independence for that. You lose some and you gain some, I hope your gain will be the greater variable.