Saturday, March 12, 2011

Food Glorious food!

All my life I have always been a picky eater, and never really a good eater, when I was growing up, I was always the last person to be allowed to leave the table sometimes my mom would sit with me for several hours waiting for me to finish, Even these days I am absolutely always having to scrape my plate. Because I rarely finish a whole plate, Unless its something I really like, for example Lasagna, or spaghetti Bologna or my moms Chicken and Broccoli pie which I love! 

I have never figured out the reason for this, Do I just hate food? or get bored? or now its a habit that's ingrained in me and if i do finish a whole plate I feel weird?

When I first told my mom that I was planing to go to China, her first reaction was what about the food?? You have got to become less fussy. In her eyes I am the most fussy and undaring person in terms of food.  But in my opinion when you put the food i don't like into perspective, OK I don't like say 5 different things there thousands of other alternatives to be explored.

Here's the list of things I don't like

1 Tomatoes
 This looks delicious
A tomato dress
  So cute
Tomato Juice

However weirdly enough I like Tomato Ketchup, Tomato Soup, Pizza etc

2 Coleslaw
 My reason for not liking Coleslaw is based purely on the look and the smell. My boyfriend is determined to make me like Cole slaw, He has promised to make home made Cole Slaw, As the only Cole slaw I have seen has all been bought ready made from the Supermarket

3 Orange Juice
 Admittedly, I don't hate all types of Orange juices, but I especially don't like ones with bits in it, Like the Squeez

4 Pigs Feet

Most Chinese food I try I like but this one  I Tried it, Tasted it, horrible, Just felt really disgusting

5  Scrambled eggs
 ewww looks like slop to me,

6 Hard boiled eggs
7 Quiche
The main reason I don't like Quiches is because there are often tomatoes in it and it tastes like scrambled eggs

8 Salad
Actually I like Salads as long as they exclude Tomatoes, I especially like fruit salads

9 Spicy food
This has probably caused me the most trouble in terms of eating Chinese food, However its not the be all and end all. Now if I didn't like Fish then that would be a major problem since thats my boyfriend's favourite. Although I am not a huge fan of fish soup :\ normally I like fish and sea food.

10. Turkish delights
11 Jam

 Most people I know love Jam, but to me it just looks sloppy and messy and gooey. This limits me a lot in terms of desserts. But I don't care, I just won't have it

12  Olives
Possibly the worst thing i ever tasted in my entire life! In China people eat sugary olives as a sweet.  Mental!

My list of food that I don't like or am not terribly fond of used to be a lot longer.. But my boyfriend has converted me starting with 

1. Mayonnaise
The smell used to really put me off and the look of it. When I first moved in with my boyfriend (as I mentioned before he's a chef) He made home made burgers and we went to the supermarket and he bought tomato ketchup and then asked what type of mayonnaise I'd like? I was to embarrassed to say I don't link that... and picked out a garlic mayonnaise. I do love garlic. and surprise surprise after the first try I wanted to have garlic mayonnaise with everything. Sausages, potatoes, chicken, chips, wraps etc.

2 Blue cheese
Before  Me and my boyfriend had our Cooking Bonanza I found out I actually like blue cheese regardless of the smell.

3 Parsnips
 I love fried Parsnips!!

4. Mushrooms

However there has always been one constant thing that I have loved... Sweets!! Especially sour sweets. 

Anyway the other night I had a craving for sour sweets at around 9pm and I discovered that all shops in Bray have stopped selling them

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  1. Love sour sweets! But with the obvious exception of pig's feet and I suppose, Turkish, your list of hated food is bizarre! Do you have anything left to eat? :P