Monday, March 21, 2011

Back to Business

Today I had a sudden reawakening, the midterm break is well and truly over and the next 4 weeks are going to be like hell for me, So many assignments are due all at once. Oh my god what kind of insane scheduling system do they use at my college?

Despite the fact that all Masters students, at least under my major International Business, all study only 3 subjects per semester (Although we have a heck of alot of assignments for each subject.) Which does seem relatively lenient compared to my undergraduate degree where I had to study 6 subjects per semester. 
But in my undergraduate degree the lecturers were very careful to schedule different due weeks for different subjects so we never or rarely had to submit 2 assignments in one week. Which had its up's and down's

Ups being, We never felt overly pressurised because we only had one thing to focus on per week.

Downs being everyone felt this was the colleges way of suggesting that things should be done at the last minute and thus everything was always put on the long finger. Everyone always used to say "ah we have plenty of time we don't need to think about it yet" and it became the norm that students would start a project at the beginning of the week it was due. Which meant on a due date, everyone was in a last minute frenxzy. But for the rest of the time they were totally relaxed and totally lazy

On the other hand having all assignments due on the same dates or at least weeks, makes everyone feel pressurized all the time and makes me at least feel like there is not enough time in the day to get everything done. I'm not superwoman! but nor is anyone else. Anyway I have noticed in my current college UCD there is no or barely any last minute frenzy's. Just 24/7 frenzies. .

For instance this semester I have 3 subjects :

1. Global Competitive strategies, we have
  • 4 presentations worth 10% 1 2 3 4
  • 12, 1 page case study analysises 1 due each week worth 10% 1-8 9 10 11 12
  • 1 group project 30 pages. worth 30%
  • Exam worth 50% 
2. Project management
  • 2 individual reports
  • 1 group report
  • 1 presentation
 3. International Financial Management

  • 2 group reports
  • 1 exam
The greens and yellows show the overlap and orange shows the completed ones. So basically in the next 4 weeks I have to complete more or less all of the above and then I will have the exams at the end of April, I haven't taken an exam in almost a year. So I'm not looking forward to them especially not the International Financial Management exam.

I would like to say these are the only projects I have going on but I would be lying, I also have my boyfriend's visa application project (also here) on my shoulders, which I haven't talked about here for ages, because frankly there have been no updates at all up until Friday. My boyfriend's boss finally gave him his P60 which means we can cross one more thing off the list. Hurray!

Now we only have 4 things left to do
  • Letter from employer working since….. paying taxes
  • Letter from Irish friend
  • Utility Bills
  • Joint Bank Account statement (3 months)

Fingers crossed we will have the application submitted by the end of April. My boyfriend has promised that once our application has been submited we will go to church once a week to make sure gods on our side.

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