Thursday, March 10, 2011


So as mentioned, despite all the problems associated with going to the ball, here and here I did actually make it and below are some of the photos from the night.

This is me when I arrived at the hotel I have to admit my make up was a tad bit too strong, that was my mom and my sisters idea, they wanted to make me look older... But personally I don't think heavy make up on a young face is the best way to achieve that...
Nancy, Me & Nicole
Once I found Nancy my room buddie for the night we headed to the bar and met Nicole one of our classmates, I think at this early stage she was already a bit drunk...  Me and Nancy were very careful to pace ourselves and Nancy started off with a glass of water lol and I had a 7UP could we be any wilder lol!!!
 Then after we managed to get our drinks there was a huge queue at the bar, we were all told to go down to the dinning area, we were a bit unlucky or some people might say blessed, our table consisted of 8 men plus me and Nancy
Michael posing lol and me
Me and Luke
I had one embarrassing moment at the ball, but I just can't bear the divulge any details about it at the moment... maybe I will revisit it in a later post but for now here is the picture that caused the embarrassment
Can anyone guess what happened??
Lastly here is a picture of me and Nancy! Probably one of my favourite photos of the night
Nancy and I
The theme of the Ball was suposed to be 1920's but from everyones outfits you would never of guessed it lol. There was one photo booth at the ball and we had a chance to dress up in 1920's style
Me, My cousin Paul & Nancy
Here is my idea of the perfect feather outfit 
Feather Mask
Feather earrings
Feather bag
feather hair peace
feather eye shadow
Feather Necklace
I think this outfit definitely would of won the best dressed on the night. One final Ball post to come

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