Wednesday, March 16, 2011

My darling Angel

Today me and my boyfriend went out for a wander to go and have a look and watch all the rides down at Bray seafront. Its funny most people find it really boring to watch other people enjoying roller coasters and rides. Or some people find if they watch them for too long they lose their nerve. My boyfriend is the biggest baby when it comes to rides he has rules

1 Not too high

2 Not too fast

3 Not too spinny

4 Not too short

5 has too be room for 2 people (me and him to sit together (actually thats my rule haha but he likes it too) 

Anyway today was our second day watching the rides and I thought we would at least pick one to go on today but it didn't happen, My boyfriend said he wants to save himself til St Patrick's Day and he will go on whatever rides I like. YAY!!! 

I remember one St Patrick's day when I was younger I went to the carnival with my friend Tim from my badminton club and his Dad. Tim was extremely brave and courageous, and I didn't want to seem like a baby so I let him bring me on almost every single ride at the carnival. Even rides my friend Anna wouldn't even dream of going on and thrust me that's saying something she is mental about rides! When I was 12 this was a really big thing to me lol.

Anyway after we finished watching the carninval, Me and my boyfriend headed home and decided to walk a route we don't normally take and as we were walking along I heard mew, mew and looked down and there was the most adorable cat peeping out behind the fence. 

I stopped to say Hello as you do and out she came mew mew and my boyfriend told me to keep walking but I didn't and started petting her, I am absolutely fearless about cats but dogs that's a totally different story (i'll talk about that in another post.) 

Anyway after i petted the cat she wouldn't leave me alone and followed me down the street and then I crossed the road and she still continued to follow me then i said shoo, shoo go home, good girl, she still wouldn't listen to me and continued to mew mew. Eventually the cat got interested in something else and I lost it. Then as we continued walking home. Me and my boyfriend had the following conversation 

Me: We should get a cat !!
Him: When we have a house
Me: Nooooo Please Please Please
Him: Can we get a dog?
Me: Noooooooooo

End of discussion

Anyway days like today make me really miss my Cat my darling Angel, Shes not dead! She just lives at home with my parents... :( but I really miss having her when I'm staying at my boyfriends appartment because its too quiet when its just us. and cats are such beautiful and elegant and soothing animals. They alleviate all your worries,
Anyway my cat is so special we have so many different names for her 


Me chasing Angel in My debs dress

Angel blinking

Angel ate santa
Angel killed a fly and wants to go outside and celebrate!
 Angel relaxing on my old sofa
Although she doesn't always live up to her name she will always be an Angel to me

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