Saturday, March 26, 2011

What an adventure!

Today was a very hectic day, I had to get up at 7.45 rush out the door to catch my bus and then once I arrived I had to start practicing for our presentation. To be honest I am usually a big bag of nerves before the presentation and I dislike practicing, the less times I have to perform in front of people the better.

Today was no different the first attempt at practicing gave me stage fright and I just went completely blank and I had to apologize to the rest of the group and go rooting for my notes. The second time I was talking like a mouse, very quietly. Then we gave up and decided we would be fine.

One thing I am always super worried about when doing presentations is that we will be under time. Which is absolutely totally embarrassing and it happened to me once last semester when I was presenting with a different group and I felt like it was all my fault. I tend to speak a lot faster when I am nervous. I just want to get it finished as possible. So since then I always prepare a little more than necessary as a back up.

Another thing that is a little annoying about college presentations is that some are formal some are informal. Most people like informal because we can wear whatever we want. But I actually prefer formal because I feel if your going to do a professional presentation then you might as well do it dressed professionally.

However I find Irish formal clothes for women is really lacking and lagging behind the likes of Asia. Which is not a surprise. Recently I was skimming through some Japanese fashion Magazines such as Vogue, Seventeen and Kera all April editions and came across some of these pics. The first few are Cute Formal

 Here are some gothic takes on Fomal wear, I don't know if i would be brave enough to try them..

 I might try the one below..

 I like the one below its not overly gothic and looks quite sweet

Here are some vogue formal wear

The funny thing about the presentation was that it was on a company called Sunflower, which are involved in Tire repairs in Lithuania and Latvia. Ironically me and my boyfriend use Sunflower and Rosemary as code names for each other. When we are messing around. But I never imagined a company with a name like Sunflower to be involved in Tires.It just seems so girly.

ultimately the presentation was a success. Then I came home and It was a beautiful sunny day so me and my boyfriend decided to go out and have an adventure. We went and climbed Bray Head! 

 This is BrayHead in the distance.
 Here's the view from the top
 This is the Dart/Train going around Bray Head.
 We also saw a bungee jumper today

Then when we followed a path which led us to the middle of Greystones's Highway (the next town to Bray) we then had to walk all the way back to Bray. (A good 7 miles) My boyfriend was so stubborn and didn't want to take the bus back because "today we are walking" 
This is the Pathway we followed

So now my legs and feet feel really sore. and my boyfriends eyes feel really sore, he caught conjunctivitis.... Not a happy camper. So I'm playing nurse. Although he is a very stubborn patient.

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  1. Glad your presentation went well - talking in front of people can be so stressful. It's true that Ireland isn't really up to par with workwear, I don't think most people would know what 'cute formal' means - but we're catching up... I hope.