Sunday, March 6, 2011

Grandma's Birthday

Today is my Grandma's Birthday. Happy Birthday Grandma!!! Here is a compilation of photos of her from various Family events etc
My Grandma & My moms dad AKA Grandad
My mom & Grandma
 My sister, My mom, My auntie Valerie & Grandma

 My Grandma, Me and Michael out for dinner celebrating the new appartment
My Grandma and My dad
My Grandma & Guo Zhi Bai
Me, Grandma & Guo Zhi Bai

In October 2010  she moved into a brand spanking new apartment in my town (Bray) Which is probably the best thing she ever did because before she used to live in Dalkey in a big house,  close to no one.  However she did have one hobby Gardening which she had to give up because obviously in an appartment you have no land of your own unless you buy a plot..

Anyway around Valentines day I saw a post about the meaning behind the number of Flowers sent and wanted to share it..Ask a chinese guy

1 Flower: "I love you and only you", "You are the only one for me"

2 Flowers: "I just think of you and me", "Its just you and me"

3 Flowers: A simple "I love you"

4 Flowers: "I promise you love" As I said before, 4 is an unlucky number for Chinese, so clarify in a card or avoid using this amount.

5 Flowers: "I have no regrets being with you"

6 Flowers: "I hope everything goes well for you"

 7 Flowers: "I feel happy with you"

8 Flowers: "Im sorry, please forgive me" Used for saying you're sorry.

9 Flowers: "I will love you forever without regret"

10 Flowers: "You are the perfect lover"
 11 Flowers: "I will love you for the rest of my life", "Your happiness is my only priority"

12 Flowers: "Our souls are forever connected"

13 Flowers: "You have a secret admirer"

15 Flowers: "Im sorry" Same as 8.

17 Flowers: "Lets leave each other on good terms" Used for breaking up.

18 Flowers: "I have a sincere heart"

19 Flowers: "Im looking forward to spending time with you"
20 Flowers: "Forever loving you with an unchanging heart"

21 Flowers: "You are my love"

22 Flowers: "Lets be in love to no end"

24 Flowers: "I miss you, I am always thinking about you"

25 Flowers: "Good Luck"

30 Flowers: "Our love goes beyond words"

33 Flowers: "I will love you for many years to come"

36 Flowers: "My heart belongs to you"

44 Flowers: "I promise you my steady love"

50 Flowers: Same as 5.

55 Flowers: Also the same as 5.

56 Flowers: "My love"

60 Flowers: "May our love be strong and stable"

66 Flowers: "Our love is true and steady"

77 Flowers: "Destiny brought us together"

88 Flowers: "I want to make it up to you" Used to say sorry.

99 Flowers: "I want to be with you forever"

100 Flowers: "Im in love with you 100%"

101 Flowers: "You are my only love"

108 Flowers: "Will you marry me?"

123 Flowers: "Let us enjoy freedom and love"

144 Flowers: "I love you every day, of every month, of every year, of every century"

365 Flowers: " I think of you every day", "I love you everyday of the year"

999 Flowers: "Our love is infinite"

1001 Flowers: "Faithful love forever"

10,000 Flowers: "May our love last for 10,000 years" 10,000 essentially means forever in East Asian cultures. 

Happy Birthday Grandma!!


  1. So what is your expectation? One or ten thousand?

  2. Well I think I would like one because I think it is the most simple and purest one. Although on a wedding day I would probably like an amount that represents forever like 21, but I think if I got 10000 I would have no idea where to put them all lol