Saturday, March 5, 2011

No ticket to get in

On Thursday Night I attended the Smurfit Business Ball, but thrust me the road there was a bumpy and troublesome one, Firstly we had the problem of No room at the inn and then the next problem emerged on the night, No ticket to get in, 

On Thursday I was basically rushed off my feet,
  • Go to the Dry cleaning shop and collect my dress
  • Go Bra shoping
 Not just for the sake of it, I needed a strapless bra to go with my dress...
  • Go to the hair salon

  • Get my make up done
  • Find the right shoes

  • Get my clothes for tomorrow packed.

    Then Panic!!!! 
    Just as we were about to leave my house I realized shit! I left my ticket in my boyfriends apartment... And my boyfriend was out with his friends in the city centre so I had to walk/run down the street in my long dress and in high heels, that i could barely walk in !
    So I rushed up to the apartment and No Ticket to be seen! then i started frantically searching throwing books newspapers fliers everywhere. I still couldn't find it, and I left my phone in the car so I couldn't ring him 

    So in the end I went back to the car and rang up my boyfriend and asked/ accused him "Did you move my ticket?"Oops I think I threw it in the bin! Then I had a huge screaming fit... Whilst my mom tried to reassure me it doesn't matter come on.We were already running late I was suposed to be at the college before 5.30... and this was 5.15 and it takes a good 30 minutes to get to my college

    Being worried about being late proved to be pointless as when I arrived there were still crowds of people waiting for the bus, and I met my friends and then they called 3 more seats on the bus. So we decided to go then the man said Tickets please!

    OH SHIT! I explained to the man I had forgotten my ticket, I thought he would say OK go ahead... Wishful thinking, he said No we have a strict policy No Ticket No admission I'm sorry there is nothing I can do. Then more Panic and stress. The bus drove off without me...

    Then I called my mom and told her. Then she came over and tried to talk to the man, and he even suggested to drive back to bray to collect it... Which obviously was impossible since my boyfriend had thrown it in the bin! She even asked could she buy another ticket for me, Bear in mind each ticket cost a whopping 70 euro. He still said no.

    Then I had a stroke of extremely good luck, I noticed my cousin was working at the event. Hallelujah! then he came over and there was more conversing with the man. and then the man said OK don't tell anyone, Paul (my cousin) give her your ticket and I will look after you later...

    THANKS BE TO GOD! i got on the next bus! Although I didn't get to sit with friends I was still delighted to be able to actually get on the bus.
    Here is my cousin Paul

    Here's one from the night... I will tell more in my next post... when I get more photos from my friend and my camera.

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