Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Ouch my eye!

Like everyone I have a secret, I have pretty bad eye sight, which possibly explains the reasoning behind my Tattoo Desires I haven't worn glasses since I was 15. OK I wear glasses in my house when I'm not going out or we don't have visitors but other than that I always wear my contact lenses. Thus most people I know these days don't know I wear contact lenses because, basically it's never cropped up. But yesterday it most definitely did.

As it brought Back to Business to an immediate halt last night, I was working on one of my assignments all day yesterday, wearing my contact lenses, then my boyfriend came home from work and had 2 cigarettes and then my eye started itching like crazy. Then my boyfriend said "Oh my god, what happened to your eye??????"

Horror struck me, it couldn't be, I rushed to take out my contact lenses and peered into the mirror. Shit! Shit. I knew the symptoms straight away, Conjunctivitis had reared its ugly head again.

For people who are not familiar with conjunctivitis let me explain, this is when your eye gets itchy, red, stingy and uncomfortable and makes your eyes feel like their burning. Thrust me it's absolutely horrible and it's even more horrible for people like me who wear contact lenses on a daily basis.

So I rushed my boyfriend off to Tesco to buy some sort of eye bath medicine and cucumber, It was 10'oc at night all pharmacies were closed so Tesco was our best bet. He obediently did what he was told because there was absolutely no way I was heading out in this state.

He returned and I analysed the instructions on the eye bath medicine, in particular the causes of red eye.
1. Too much computer use

2 Contact Lenses

3 Smoky environment

I encountered all of the above, so anyway I applied the eye bath then tried to go to sleep but my eyes just kept tearing up. I was totally stressed out, Memories from the last bout of conjunctivitis were floating round in my head. The Last time I got Conjunctivitis was the summer of August 2008 and it lasted a month. I went on Holidays to Tenerife with it. I kept relapsing, it would go... 3 days later it would come back... It was horrible.

But my main fear is having to wear my glasses out in public. I loathe my glasses. I know glasses look gorgeous and sophisticated and even cute on some people like Taylor Swift, Gok Wan, Khalil Fong.

I love Taylor Swifts big glasses
Gok Wan, I liked him when I first saw his show "How to look good naked" Then I read that his Mom is English and his Dad is from Hong Kong. I thought he was really interesting.
Khalil Fong, The last time I had conjunctivitis and felt depressed about having to wear glasses, a chinese friend introduced me to the singer Khalil Fong. He apparently made glasses popular. His music is really good too. Check it out below.

Regardless when I wear glasses I feel like I look like Granny Dryden from Postman Pat, Even my Boyfriend sometimes calls me Grandma when I am reading my book in bed. "Grandma do you want to go to sleep now?
I just feel like as soon as I put my glasses on I become a different person, I am not me anymore. I told my boyfriend I will have to take the week off college. There's no way I can go to college like this with red eyes and glasses everyone will stare at me. He said don't be foolish no one will stare, no one will joke. There's much more funnier things to talk about than your glasses. If anyone stares you can call me.  

So after a lot of persuading I went to college with my glasses on and although I felt like people were staring, I think I was just being to self conscious. At the end of the day I am just a normal person. Life goes on.

The good news is today, I woke up this morning and my eyes were almost back to normal.So I canceled the doctor's appointment. And I went to college with my glasses again, and I wore my glasses for virtually the whole class and didn't give a damn.

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