Friday, March 18, 2011

Happy St Patricks Day

Happy Belated St Patrick's Day! Hope everyone had a great day! This year was a bit different and weird for me, it made me feel like everyone is growing up and now I'm old >.<

When I was younger every St, Patrick's Day, my Parents, my brother and sometimes my sister used to watch the Dublin Parade on TV and then in the afternoon my dad and brother would go and watch the Bray parade together down at the seafront and My mom and me would watch it together on a different street and then once the parade is over we all meet up with my Uncles family and go to a pub for a few drinks. My cousins would normally drag me and my brother on some scary ride down at the Seafront and then we would have Fish N Chips for dinner.

However this year everyone went there own separate ways. Yesterday my mom was on her holidays in Gran Canaria with my Grandma, probably sunning herself. 

My Dad went off playing Golf, without my mom here it's not much fun watching the parade.

and my brother and sister went to watch the parade their friends, separately.

Whilst I watched the Dublin St Patricks day Parade on TV with my boyfriend here are some of the highlights from the St Patrick's festival website

then we went to watch the Bray Parade, which is far less fantastic but still lovely as its so nice to see the streets of bray packed with people. It makes me feel like the place is alive! Here are some of the photos I captured. For more professional photos click here

 after the parade we ate mint ice cream and green candy floss! although it looks white from the photo @.@

But thrust me green candy floss exists

Ultimately though watching the parade made me feel that I was too old for it, but I was suddenly brought back to reality when I entered a pub and the Polish security man asked me "Do you have any ID?" I said I'm 21, Then the Polish security man said "Are you sure??" I said "of course" Then he said to my boyfriend "Is she really 21?"

I'm cursed with these young looks.


  1. LoL, the last part was the best! I still get carded myself these days although I've passed my quarter century mark. It's extremely difficult for people to guess how old Asians are, I guess.

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