Saturday, January 8, 2011


I can't think of a better way to describe it. Foolish The desire to do something completely wrong, When something sounds wrong, feels wrong,,,, It probably is wrong. But this morning i overrode my inner inhibitions that told me what I'm doing is wrong.... I shifted my weary ass out of bed at 8am peered out the window sure enough as clear as day... there he was parked outside in his Silver Mercedes waiting for me. I felt myself choke. with disappointment and shiver of excitement which pushed me to get up and dressed in the freezing cold and run outside and get into the Mercedes and drive off into the snow.... Yes once again the second time he drove to my house it was snowing albeit lightly this morning. I really think he brings the snow lol! 
Well as soon as i got in the car he said lets go to Powerscourt! I didn't know the directions exactly and felt a bit nervous. I thought we might get completely lost =.=;;;;; But luckily enough we were able to follow the bus trail :) although it turned out to be a bit of a circle... but he didn't get to mad at me... We arrived there at about 9.30 or so all the shops were closed.... except the cafe. Since we both hadn't had breakfast, We decided it would be best to get a bite to eat. We ordered 1 croissant, 1 scone, 1 fruit salad, 1 average salad... and we shared the pastries and i had the fruit salad. It was yummy. but expensive 16.00 luckily i didn't have to pay :) 
Then after breakfast we decided to go into the garden, But unfortunately nothing in life is free and we, well he had to pay 11 euro for 2 student tickets.... Last time i went to Powerscourt, one of my friends was working there and he let us in free :) Not lucky this time! We were the first people to enter the garden today... Personally i still think we were mental arriving so early.. Anyway both of us forgot to bring our camera so in the end we decided to take a photo with my phone (the Samsung Galaxy Europa)... surprisingly not as crappy as i was expecting.... In fact i like it a lot!

After our garden adventure we decided to head to Powerscourt waterfall. to get the full Powerscouurt feeling... The only feeling we felt after the Powerscourt waterfall was that the owners of Powerscourt must be incredibly wealthy! Everywhere you go you have to pay! another 4.50 each for the entry fee to the Powerscourt waterfall!!! Luckily the admission man was friendly and allowed us in by only paying for one ticket, You would think the first ticket we bought would include the full Powerscourt experience! So we left with a sour feeling in our mouth...
Then we had to decide what to do next I didn't particularly want to go straight back to Bray, I didn't want to run into my boyfriend as he absolutely totally dislikes all of my former male classmates especially the Chinese ones...Hes pretty much totally against me spending time bonding with them outside of the classroom. 

So i suggested we go to Glendalough i didn't think it would be too far away and i thought it would kill some time.... Anyway we didn't make it to Glendalough We drove for about 40 minutes without seeing a single signpost down all these winding country roads and finally we saw a sign post saying Glendalough was 5 miles back!! so we gave up and i ended up home at about 4.30, with a really bad headache @.@

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