Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Birds of a feather flock together

I can not express how angry I am. It all started on Sunday night up until then myself and my boyfriend had been satisfied with our solicitor. We had our list to get through to complete the application. We were happy we had set aside time to complete our two relationship history segments.

Sunday night all this had gone our the window. One of his "friends" I use the term friend really loosely as i don't really see eye to eye with this guy. Rang my boyfriend and told him that another friend who was applying for a visa here was successful, It was a completely different situation than ours. I won't bore you all with the details.

Then my boyfriend got it into his head that our solicitor was no good and we have to go and see that one because he had won a case. I explained that all solicitors win cases on a regular basis. Just because he won one slightly similar to ours doesn't mean he's going to win every case and besides most solicitor firms have at least 4 solicitors working for them so the chances of us getting the same one as the friend of a friend is rather unlikely would he listen? No of course not stubborn as a mule.

He went frantic trying to get the number for that solicitor... tried every friend he knew, except for the one right beside us. Then without asking me booked an appointment for 3'oc without asking what time my class is at? or thinking will we have time for lunch?

Before we went to bed last night he said we should leave for the city centre at 12 tomorrow. Sure enough i woke up at 11 and told him its 11 then i went back to sleep woke up at 12.30 told him, he wouldn't move then finally 1.30 he got up slowly brushed his teeth washed rushed me out of the house then we missed one bus. Then he started panicking oh were going to be late blah blah. I said thrust me solicitors always run behind schedule. Would he listen no! of course not ringing them up please hold our spot blah blah and then all the complaining that we got off at the wrong spot... No we didn't then he didn't get proper directions then ringing his friend oh what a mess. By 3.10 I was getting really pissed off and had no mood to help him. I wanted to go into the meeting and say nothing.

But of course not I had to answer all the questions explain all the situation while he sat like a mute. Then we came out of there with a new list of 16 things we must include with the application and approximately 13 of them we don't have. So wow a very productive day! The rest of the stuff we got for the application we might as well throw in the bin.

So naturally after we finished in the solicitors my spirits had completely dropped. I wanted something to distract me, my class couldn't do that. Then when I was waiting for the bus to go home, I rang my former classmate, because he always has something funny to say but I rang him and he didn't pick up... Then I felt guilty.. I only ever call on him when I'm down or lonely or bored. But once things are going well i forget about him...

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