Thursday, January 13, 2011

Just Given birth to a lovely Panda family….

Haha not quite, I know Christmas is well over, But I only just transferred our Christmas photos to the computer. This was my family’s Christmas party. All my relatives came over for eating, drinking and being merry!! Actually I spent almost the whole time sitting down watching others play the Nintendo Wii, Super Mario never fails!! We have the Super Mario Kart’s game and we have had it for over a year and we are still finding new things to do with it, On Christmas eve one friend told me how to connect the wii to the internet and since then we have become crazy about improving our rating ^^ 

Not to sound like a Super, Super Mario fan,  Me and my boyfriend started playing “Super Mario Forever”  recently and lets just say its super tough and super addictive! My boyfriend’s very good at it. I’m rather impatient and not as skilled… I can only get to level 3 of the first world =.=;;; not a very good start. Anyway up until today, my boyfriend couldn’t pass the final level of world 1 so I searched on Youtube for a walkthrough… I know pretty pathetic… especially on world 1 but hey… it actually didn’t help us (him) at all.. He figured out himself hehe! So now we are on World 2 and stuck again!!. Ahhh!!! At 21 (me) and 27 (him) video games are still fun!

Another game we have played and practically completed is Chicken Invaders 3… We haven’t gotten all the medals but that doesn’t matter we have beaten all the bosses… several times.. When I say we, I mean a conbined effort from me and my boyfriend ^^
I think I may grow to really regret going to Powerscourt on Saturday… I am so so so stupid, Not only would it greatly displease my boyfriend if he found out but even now its greatly displeasing me..  Makes me cringe to be honest,
As far as our application is concerned we searched the town for the Pepper Snooker club and couldn’t find it so we rang the phone number… tada closed down several years ago so we are back to square one…. But on a brighter note we have had sorted out a second job offer.

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