Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Xin Yue- Snooker place

What is the correct name for a place where you go to play pool or snooker? is it a snooker club? a snooker emporium? or a snooker shop? shop just sounds wrong >.<
Anyway I know Snooker is not exactly the most feminised of places, but I mean do you have to decorate the inside so drab and morbid? Dirty pale green and dirty dark blue. it just felt so eww and the lighting was too dim and there was no windows. I just felt it was a very depressing environment. The other off putting thing was there toilets were out of order. and there was a disgusting smell coming from them. I know theres nothing they could do about the water problem because it was out of there control but seriously they should of at least cleaned the place instead of letting the smell get worse and worse. Anyway totally gross.

I watched for about an hour and a half then got so bored i started contemplating how they could attract more girl players to be honest i just felt totally out of place in this snooker shop.... I think they should set up another Snooker centre and call it "The Pink Snooker Parlour" As a matter of fact perhaps i will encourage my boyfriend to set it up


Pink table

Pink balls

Pink cues
Pink sticks
Pink lights
Pink pool gloves

Pink Furniture side tables sofas etc
Pink Casino games
Then my thoughts got interrupted and i was persuaded to play... Thrust me i am absolutely desperate! After the first game my boyfriend realised how incredibly desperate i am and decided to try to teach me. @.@ To be honest initially it did help... especially with the angles... Which i think is a big help he told me where to aim and i was so happy when i got two balls in, in a row! But after the first game i started to suck again. Then my boyfriend got pissed off and frustrated and gave up on me. Then we left, and went to McDonald's for dinner! I had the wrap with crispy chicken and sweet chili sauce meal, which wasn't half bad. Then we got the bus home.

To my delight the new America's next top model series was just starting when we got back and then i was glued to the TV for the night!! While my boyfriend was glued to his phone, I swear he called all of his friends one after the other. In the end we went to bed at 3AM!

Then we rushed to the bank this morning to find out how to get money transferred from China to our Ulster bank account.... One step closer to completing our application.... Also i found a snooker club for my Boyfriend in Bray. Hopefully it will be better than the one we were in yesterday.... I just wonder if he will actually go.... At least i tried...

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