Friday, January 21, 2011

Learn Chinese & Secrets

I remember the first song I listened to by a Chinese person was Jin- Learn Chinese; I know it’s not a classic Chinese song, but at the time and even now I love rap. So it suited me just fine. Although it never actually inspired me to learn Chinese, I just liked the tune.

During the Christmas holidays, I came across a blog written by an American woman married to a Chinese man. She posted a blog post about “How to get your boyfriend/girlfriend to teach you Chinese” I used some of the techniques she recommended such as to learn how to say the routine things you do every day, Like brush your teeth, turn on the light, take off your shoes and so on. Here is the link to her blog Speaking of China
Anyway I found out early on in the week that I could have improved my Chinese a lot quicker!! One of my friends in college, Xiaoji, has been giving Chinese lessons during the holidays and he never told me even though he knows I want to learn Chinese. So obviously I felt disappointed, I wanted to say something to him but my friend who told me Ma Jin... made me promise me not to mention to XiaoJi  that I had heard about the teaching @.@ so secrets are everywhere. Anyway I kept everything inside and was very distant to XiaoJi after that because I just didn't know what to say.

Ma Jin & Me (in the college grounds)
Nancy, Ma Jin and Me

Me and Ma Jin (In class during the break)
But today all hard feelings were erroded and I got the full story. :) After class XiaoJi met me and said "Sarah I have something for you.... come with me to my dorm..." So I followed him and we were talking and he made me promise not to tell Ma Jin or any other chinese friend that he was giving me this gift! Ahhhh more secrets!!! So I promised. Then I got an opportunity to ask about the Chinese lessons, It turns out he was just teaching one classmate and the lessons only lasted for a week... and he just covered the very basic Ni Hao, Zai Jian,  blah blah and explained how to read ping yin. I have already mastered that hahah! 

Ma Jin, Me, Nancy & Xiao Ji (In front of the college)

Nancy, XiaoJi, and me (Horrible Photo of me!!)
Then he gave me a really cute gift of Choclates the box was lovely~~!! Chocolate makes everybody Happy ! :)
The chocolates (in my college Common room)


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