Thursday, January 6, 2011

One simple request

I have known several Chinese men during the last 3 years, ranging from the incredibly rude, generous, caring, spontaneous, crazy, show offs, etc. But in all my time I have never had such a strange request or more like an order... Last night i was having a nice cosy time with my boyfriend and we were rather loved up. Then he said he wanted to play some games on my phone.... I knew he wanted to read my messages.. ugh i really hate this. I just find it such an intrusion thats private. Its not like i can check his messages and have some fun because he never sends texts anyway except to people from his work, how boring is that? The rest of the time he just calls his friends and speaks in Chinese. So its no fun to play with his phone... In actual fact he wasn't the only man who wanted to check my messages that day.... but thats another story... both times i refused.... and i deleted all my messages. actually by accident but it was a happy accident lol!

Actually my fear of getting my messages checked stems back from when i was a kid, My dad used to have a rule that nobody can check his messages, because they are private.... I was just a kid and was pretty nosey and curious.... and his phone was lying around... and i read his messages several times.... and discovered he was having an affair on my mom. definitely without a doubt. I continued to read his messages for several weeks and then i stoped because i didn't know what to do. I never told my mom and i never said anything to my dad i just kept the secret and often when i was furious with my dad i would cry angry with rage. but i never said anything I felt it was my own fault i should never of checked his messages... I think that whole cheating scenario really had a bad impact on me.. Even now i still have a huge desire and cravingv for new things. new people.  obviously i wouldn't cheat on my boyfriend, but i do enjoy company of new people alot and of other people who i don 't see very often...

Anyway back to the request i got last night "Can i use your phone for 10 days?" Initially i thought it was a joke? I said no, no way. Thats mine why should i give it to him besides i had barely even had the phone 10 days! In fact yesterday was me and my phones 10 days anniversary together lol. Then he got so angry and sulky, eventually i siad fine take it. Just to stop him sulking and then he siad no I don't want it i was just testing you and he said he couldn't believe i was so obsessed with money. He told me that if he had a Chinese girlfriend and asked her could he use her phone for 10 days. she would say of course take it for as long as you want... and she would be happy about it? Then he said so this is irish. you are so ugly. Then he went to sleep. I was left lying there wondering what is so bad about me not letting him have my phone. 

Here is my phone, The Samsung Galaxy Europa

I really don't think it was a money thing, Although his phone is not as good as mine i just couldn't understand why should i give him my phone its mine. i feel a personal attachment to all my phones.

Is this an Irish mentality that we don't share?
Do we always have to get something of equal worth.

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