Monday, January 31, 2011

Terrible reaction at 2AM on a Sunday Night

 Yesterday was like any ordinary typical Sunday, I got up late hung around the house doing nothing, waiting for my mom to go and collect my Grandma as usual, so that I could leave and go to my boyfriend's apartment. That happened as usual and then after a few hours i had to go back to my house for dinner and then wait for my dad to drop my Grandma home and me to my boyfriend's apartment again  Usually at about 10ish.

I arrived at the apartment felt freezing wanted to get into bed... My boyfriend wanted to do some late night shopping for some snacks that was fine. We came back had some yogurt played Super Mario til 2am at this stage I was exhausted and wanted us to go to sleep straight away. Then panic struck out... Where is the USB (Camera) with all our application details?

No sooner had he said it til it clicked i had brought it home in my other bag by accident. My boyfriend went ape-shit crazy and said he can't sleep now he's going to be thinking and worrying about it all night. So he started to turn on his computer. I got really annoyed I was  really tired and started insisting that we go to bed then he said no.
Then he  said put your clothes on were going to walk to your house and get if. My initial response was fuck off we will get it in the morning. Then he started shhhing me and telling me to hurry and i just couldn't stop saying fuck off. Resistantly I got dressed walked home got his USB/Camera and then he said your not going back to the apartment.

I started to explain I told my parents I'm sleeping there tonight it will be weird they will think something really strange happened causing me to come back in the middle of the night also everyone's getting up at 7 I won't be able to sleep then he said tough that's your problem Your not coming back with me and with that he left.
Never before has a USB key meant life or death. Anyway I didn't get a wink of sleep woke up felt extremely sick and have  felt horrible all day. Yet I am still considering going down to the apartment and sort out this mess.

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  1. Sorry but unless I'm missing some important details, your boyfriend sounds like an ass. He also sounds like he's about 13 years old!

    Is this the same one who insists on reading your texts?