Sunday, January 9, 2011

Lucky Number 7

The first person my boyfriend introduced me to, when we started dating was his friend Tommy. Me and my boyfriend spent a lot of time with him when my boyfriend was working in Kilkenny.Whilst visiting him in Kilkenny, we went for a picnic in Kilkenny's Castle's Nature Park
 My Boyfriend and I, Entering the park
 Tommy with Bunny ears
 Me and Tommy posing very excitedly lol
 Me posing by the Nature reserve
 Beautiful Swans
 Beauty and the Beast
 Yay Tommy is a bunny lol
 Tommy and My boyfriend Haw Haw
 Piggy in the Middle
 Tommy and I waiting...
One final pose

This week we had to say farewell to Tommy, He is going back to China for good, On a rather negative note. To be honest I think he probably would of liked to continue living here. But i think he had to take control of his finance's. He couldn't stop gambling and lost and owed to much money. Gambling is a terrible drug once it gets into your system. Its hard to kick the habit. No amount of talking can encourage you to quit. When you say something... it goes in one ear and out the other.... Sad but true.

Lucky Gambling

My boyfriend and I's relationship was almost ruined through gambling. My boyfriend went through a period where he was unemployed for about 2 months. He had nothing to do and turned to gambling.... I thought it was just an entertaining way to kill a few hours. But in the end it got out of hand. Nearly 1000 euro lost due to gambling. Then after 2 huge rows, We decided we were never going to gamble again. And we haven't.

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