Sunday, January 16, 2011

An all asian, Snooker Master final at Wembly

Since my boyfriend is obsessed and glued to Snooker these days I came to know that the Snooker Master's Final is on today and it is in fact an all Asian Showdown, not only that it's an all Chinese final. China vs Hong Kong. Not surprisingly my boyfriend was up for the guy from Mainland China.

Ding Junhui (丁俊晖) [Mainland China]

Marco Fu (傅家俊)(Fù Jiājùn) [Hong Kong]

Earlier on when i was watching the snooker on TV I thought Marco Fu was the handsome one. But now looking at Ding Junhui's photos I think he looks a lot cuter ^^ and has an uncanny resemblance to my ex boyfriend.

Which one do you think is cuter?  
Ding Junhui won the competition.... so i guess he is the all round winner in terms of cuteness and snooker 

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