Saturday, January 22, 2011

My strange encounter on the bus

Today started out rather oddly and ended even more oddly. I was supposed to meet my friends in Dublin City centre at 2'o clock in front of the GPO. to go shopping. When I got to the bus stop at 1'o clock a bus instructor informed me that there were no buses because of a car crash, so all buses have been diverted so then I rushed to get the train. In the end I arrived in Dublin at exactly 2'o clock and rang my friends, only to find out they were not even on their bus yet!!!
So I had  an hour to kill by myself. off I went for a trot and during my travels I ended up finding a new Filipino supermarket which just opened today! They were serving Filipino lunch for free! So I got to try all sorts of Filipino food like spring rolls, Filipino cake, and other strange things I had never seen before.

Then my friends arrived and we went shopping I just bought some new make up sponges =.=;;; I don't really like there style of shopping.... go into one shop and spend hours..... I prefer shopping around...After the shopping we went to a Chinese restaurant and ordered dum di dum... Hui Guo Ruo again. which shocked everyone including myself. we also ate lots of other things like soup, Chinese pancake, sizzling beef and rice.

Anyway the most interesting thing of the day happened on the bus. I had to wait 1 hour for the bus which nearly killed me, I was freezing cold! Once I got on I noticed some rather strange characters sitting at the back of the bus. Dressed strangely, speaking strangely... They weren't foreigners either. They were in fact Irish Travelers @.@ Ever since I watched a TV show called "The Truth About Travelers" I have been quite curious about them and have a bit more respect for them and there culture. Most Irish people want to stay as far away from them as possible because they are scared or they think they are a drunk and rowdy lot. But to be honest I hoped they would try and strike up a conversation with me... I felt it would happen... And it did sure enough the nosier of the 2 came and sat beside me while he was talking to 2 presumably traveler girls who were on the bus. 
For the second time in living memory I got asked for my number. The first time was by a man from Mauritius who i never saw again... I don't know I must have a really friendly face. I can always attract people from different cultures than me.  

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  1. i just did a search on irish travellers. i had no clue what the label meant. Are they essentially a nomadic group always on the move? i noticed the lady in this short youtube clip is dark like carribean tan. so in actually do they have their own distinctive clothing style or most of them just look like any white people or among the 'irish' people? i couldn't see how they would be seen different like that un less they're something like a circus group who is tribal and entertain people as displaying their folk dancing and expressing themselves through their languages.

    i supposed they're some thing like the aboriginines of ireland where they interbreed, having their own language dialect other than english and have medieval job like activities.