Saturday, January 15, 2011

The I word

The I word- Illegal cropped up yesterday, I don't know why but Ireland and Irish people are absolutely obsessed with labels, Everyone has to fit into some nice little category. Why can't someone just be a person and not labeled by the various stamps they have attained?
Yesterday I was in the sitting room and my Mom suddenly said "There seems to be a lot of Chinese men around the town these days, I take it he (My boyfriend) is Illegal?" It wasn't a question it was a statement. Anyway I quickly explained in fact he isn't illegal, Which in fact is not entirely true... I like to say he is in the Limbo position He is neither illegal or Legal a such he is just here. My Mom just doesn't get it, Immigration is complicated stuff. 

Our A word the Application requires a lot of tedious work. We keep coming across blockages on the way. Currently we are looking for a snooker club for him to join and there is none in Bray so we had to give that up. Our next option is a badminton club, which also isn't looking good. As my dad is in a badminton club and my boyfriend doesn't want to join the same one as him. So that requires more research. Another option is a basketball club, if we can't find one of them then we will have to widen the search again.

Another aspect of the application is the money transfer from China which proves my boyfriend is being supported by his family. Everything requires some sort of proof.

It's a really good thing that i am such a good secret keeper!

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